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From Our Own Correspondent

by My Attorney

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Tetris 03:54
Cash Mason 02:38
In One Hit 02:25
Kilterhead 02:26
Rembrandt 03:45


• • •

Becoming almost mythical in its continued absence from the band's catalogue, My Attorney's second - and most lavish - studio album has undergone the protracted pregnancy of several small elephants.

Largely written around the summer of 2006 and winter of 2007, with much of the audio being completed by 2008, this ambitious follow up to Silver Bullet was continually sidetracked in favour of completing other Ex Libris albums. Many - including the band's own guitarist - gave up any hope of ever hearing it in a finished state.

As sporadic bursts of programming, mixing and chasing of wild geese across the surfaces of multiple hard discs continued, My Attorney evolved into a live concern. Gaining first a bassist and then a drummer, the group would quickly leave behind these studio-bound compositions in favour of whole new body of work. MA LP2 (as it became codenamed) seemed as irrelevant and it did incomplete.

And yet work persisted. The files were lugged around in computers that visited abandoned churches, Tuscan farmhouses, upstairs rooms of Newcastle pubs, stairwells of suburban homes and cold kitchens of Scottish guesthouses. At the end of long days spent mixing other work, moments were stolen to sweat on elaborate structures, fiddly programing and unruly samples. The home fires never truly went out.

The record's relationship with its label stablemates was a porous one. Session musicians employed on other Libris albums contributed their skills to certain songs. The disc acted as a testing ground for approaches that informed production approaches elsewhere on the label catalogue. As my own experience as a producer grew, the album modulated to reflect my greater understanding of how each song should sound.

In the end, it was hard for me to reflect on this disc without feeling that the vast gestation benefited the music within. (The guitarist, having waited over five years to hear where his songs went, may disagree.) There is nothing here I would change: it all feels exactly as it should be, like fate resolving itself into a perfect alignment, backed by a million coincidences and late-night deliberations. Even the imperfections and flaws speak volumes about what My Attorney was about during this period of creative discovery.

Finally, it gets to be free of its computer folder, and exist in the great outdoors. Open the window, breathe the fresh air deep.

• • •

Written by My Attorney

Produced by Andrew Gardiner

Recorded at Colerabbey Studios, 2006 - 2013

Sleeve by Shyrooken

• • •

Released digitally to wild applause (sampled, of course) on Thursday 31st January 2013

• • •

For a full summary of personnel and their relevant duties, please consult the lengthy .pdf document attached with this album download.

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© 2013 My Attorney


released January 31, 2013


all rights reserved



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